13th to 21st October 2017

The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments

Jon Banks santouri, gothic harp, percussion
Jean Kelly gothic bray harp, triple harp
Alison McGillivray violone, viola bastarda
Jo Wills sound designer and composer
Clare Salaman tromba marina, nyckelharpa
Michael Wagg actor
Tickets £22, £15, £12, £8 (restricted view)
CONCESSIONS Half price tickets are available for this concert for children, and students in full-time education, aged 30 years and under. Please bring your Student Card to the concert.

(Not on sale)


Founder member of the Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments, Clare Salaman is an authority on seventeenth century instruments. Sound House is a project that explores some of the musical and magical phenomena that they create. The performers play unusual and historically appropriate instruments, including the magnificent two-metre- long buzzing tromba marina and the little-known viola bastarda.