13th to 21st October 2017

Devon Wildlife Trust Talk

Harry Barton CEO Devon Wildlife Trust


Tickets £6; Supper £10

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What can an eighteenth-century composer tell lovers of the natural world today? If one piece of music ever stood out as a statement of pure reverence for the natural world, then Haydn’s Creation, to be performed in the evening after this talk, is surely it. In Devon we have one of the best natural environments anywhere, with stunning moorlands, cascading rivers and shimmering seas. Haydn delights in all these aspects of nature, and is as admiring of the “glittering plumes” of a bird in flight as he is of the “sinuous trace” of the humble worm. Today, our natural environment is under greater pressure than ever. In our modern world it can seem that something has to be measured or have a price tag to be given any value.

Chief Executive Harry Barton joined Devon Wildlife Trust in October 2011, having spent the previous five years as Chief Executive of the Earth Trust in Oxfordshire. He has worked for nearly twenty-five years in the environmental sector, including spells at the Council for National Parks, Kew Gardens, CPRE and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. He has a passion for the environment and a particular interest in landscape scale conservation, having played a key role developing the Wildlife Trust movement’s Living Landscapes programme. He firmly believes that spending time in the outdoors - especially the wonderful places we have in Devon - are essential in keeping us happy and healthy.

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