13th to 21st October 2017

Victorian Feast

Caroline MacPhie soprano

Henry Neill baritone

Harvey Davies piano


Concert with Dinner

Part 1:

Mendelssohn Ich wollt meine Lieb ergösse sich, Op 63 No 1

If I might come to you

Mendelssohn Three duets from Op 63:

Grüss; Volkslied; Maiglöckchen und die Blümelein

Arthur Sullivan 
My dearest heart

Moir Down the vale

Malloy Love’s old sweet song

Part 2:

Tosti A vucchella

Millöcker I give my heart

Tosti Ideale

Heuberger Im chambre séparée

Tosti Two arias: Non t’amo più; Sogno

Messager Duo de l’âne/de ci, de là, cahin-caha

Part 3:

Léhar Three arias from The Merry Widow: You’ll find me at Maxim’s; Vilja’s Song; Love unspoken

Strauss The Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus

Sullivan Three arias: Prithee, pretty maiden (Patience); The sun whose rays (Mikado); None shall part us from each other (Iolanthe)


Ticket price: £50

(Not on sale)

The demand for tickets to last year’s Baroque Feast was such that a similar event simply had to be held in 2016.

To ring the changes, a Victorian theme has been chosen, thus providing the chefs with a dream opportunity to dust off their old jelly moulds and to give Mrs Beeton a good airing. While Spotted Dick and Jam Roly Poly (dating from 1846), might appear on the menu, rest assured that Lamb’s Head and Barley with Brain Sauce will not! Specially designed to complement the dinner, the programme has been devised to include some of the best-loved parlour songs and piano solos of the Victorian era.

This was the age in which the middle classes displayed their new-found wealth as a result of the Industrial Revolution by having a piano in the drawing room around which the family would gather to play and to sing the music of the day that was often written by composers long- since forgotten. It was also during this period that Mendelssohn found favour, as a result of his glorious vocal duets and piano pieces ‘Songs without Words’. All three artists involved in this Concert are of the highest calibre: Harvey Davies makes a welcome return to the Festival, as does soprano, Caroline MacPhie described by The Daily Telegraph as a singer with flair, style and imagination. 


Harvey Davies Image Harvey Davies          Caroline MacPhie Caroline MacPhie